6 weeks ago

Waist 28”

Hips 39”

Stomach 33”

Arm 13”

Thigh 24”

Weight 137.5lbs


Waist 27” (-1 inch)

Hips 38” (-1 inch)

Stomach 31.5” (-1.5 inches)

Arm 12.5” (-0.5inches)

Thigh 23” (-1 inch)

Weight 132.8lbs (-4.7lbs) 

So I know it’s not a massive change, but it all adds up, and I’m pleased with this progress, since for the last 6 weeks I was on holiday in the USA and London, so any progress at all is good. 

Before and During

150lbs and 138lbs

Unfortunately I don’t have a picture like this from when I was heavier, I had already lost 11lbs