So my weightloss…

Well, my non existent weight loss at least. Basically, I’ve not lost ANY weight since the beginning of the summer holiday, in about June, so we’re talking stationary for 4 months. I mean I’ve gone up and down in that time, but no real change. The thing is that I am a little smaller now than I was then, but not very much. I mean my ugw is currently like 10lbs away, and I really do want to reach it at some point. So, recently both Emma and Lizzie have said that they don’t really want me to lose too much more, that they were both like you look really good at the moment, and if you then lose a lot more weight then you just won’t look like yourself any more, you know? Well, that’s fine, but it’s their opinion and it’s not really that important to me, I mean, it is, but what I think clearly means more. I think that at the moment, I do look pretty good, I look okay, just not quite enough, I look fine, but I want to be a head turner, you know? I want to look really good. Then Adam, see he clearly thinks I look good and when I’m around him I feel good too. I just don’t feel like anyone would find me sexy, I want to be clearly the best option. Does that make any sense at all? Yeah, so right now I feel good most of the time, but I have too many days where I feel fat, I never have enough options when it comes to choosing and buying clothes, I’m just not there right now. I want to have less days where I feel fat and more when I feel sexy.

I’m so close now, I’ve lost 25lbs, another 10 should be fine. I want to follow the 6 weeks to OMG plan, and hopefully it will go well, and in 6 weeks I’ll be exactly where I want to be… Yeah, I’ve had enough of this plateau, and I’ve been really shit the past few months, and I refuse to be one of those people who put on 10lbs as soon as they get a boyfriend. I can’t do that. Because then I’d be like a stone heavier than him, and I can’t have that! Yeah, I’ve realised how much I want it, and how much I’ve been throwing it away for ice cream and crisps and chocolate buttons. I can’t just keep doing that! Wish me luck! 

Just read 6 weeks to OMG, by Venice A. Fulton.

Just read 6 weeks to OMG, a new diet book. It was really really good though. The thing is that the whole idea is there is not a lot of counting involved, so no counting calories or whatever. The whole book is about using our bodies how they’re supposed to be used, as in like cavemen, while also taking into account that life isn’t like that anymore. It was a great read, just for the science in it, which was really interesting, and for the advice which is also interesting, but it has been written in a really funny and honest way. Yeah, I really enjoyed it, but then again I do genuinely enjoy reading diet books, because that’s just me… I don’t know… 

Anyways, yeah the basic principles were really good, and seemed reasonably scientifically correct, with the biology, chemistry, food and diet knowledge I already have it was really good. However, it was reasonably expensive. So, I was thinking I might give it a go though. I’m looking forward to it, because I think it’ll work really well, and he reckons in 6 weeks you can lose up to 15lbs on the medium plan, which is the one I’m going to do. I mean 15lbs and I would be 121lbs, slightly less than my ugw. That would be absolutely fucking amazing. That’d be an OMG reaction for sure. 

Yeah, so I’ll let you all know how it’s going, starting Monday, and I’ll tell you how it goes, hopefully more or less on a daily basis. Here’s hoping it all goes well…  Anybody else done it? Results?